Our maintenance offers

Carefree maintenance of your WordPress website

Regular maintenance of a WordPress website and its plugins is essential. Updates help to achieve a continuously high level of security and maintain high performance standards. Outdated websites can pose security issues, which can put user data at risk and reduce trust. In addition, updates often provide optimized or additional functionality and improve compatibility with modern technologies.

We make your life easier

You want to concentrate on your core business without having to worry about the technical aspects of your online presence. We take care of the maintenance and regular security checks of your WordPress website and respond quickly to available software updates, technical concerns or reported issues. We assess how these could affect your website and carry out checks before and after the necessary process.

Our maintenance packages

Our maintenance contracts for WordPress are based on the following packages. We would be happy to discuss your requirements so that we can offer you tailored support. Get in touch with us now to receive a no-obligation quote.


Maintenance of a simple website

from CHF 75 / month

  • Daily backup to a second server
  • Daily security scan
  • Website monitoring (speed and accessibility)
  • Regular updates of WordPress and the plugins used
  • Extended statistics
  • First-level support: up to 15 minutes per month included


Extended coverage and tools

from CHF 150 / month

  • All services from "Standard"
  • Extended update process
  • A separate development environment for testing purposes
  • Advanced tools for the editorial team
  • Extended first-level support: up to 30 minutes per month included


Multiple websites in one installation

from CHF 225 / month

  • All services from "Extended"
  • Manage your websites with one central access point
  • Apply implemented technology across multiple websites
  • Advanced tools for the editorial team
  • Enhanced security controls and easier access thanks to shared, automated testing


All-round carefree

from CHF 500 / month

Possible benefits (among others):

  • Swiss web hosting
  • Cloning to a second server
  • Editorial design and content management
  • Graphic design
  • Image processing
  • Proactive suggestions for improvement
  • Regular SEO analysis


Do you have any questions? The following answers may help you. Otherwise you are welcome to contact us and ask your specific question.

What is first-level support?

If you have a maintenance agreement with us and need support for your website, you are welcome to contact us directly. If your question concerns topics other than WordPress, we can have it answered by a specialist, for example the hosting company or email provider. This way, we are always your point of contact, no matter what your concerns are.

What is the minimum term of a contract?

For the "Standard", "Extended" and "Multisite" packages, the minimum term is usually 1 year and the contract is automatically renewed at the end of each year. We are flexible and can also discuss other contract durations.

What happens if my website is unavailable?

We act quickly and usually solve the problem ourselves. If the problem lies with a third party, such as a network provider or the hosting company, we contact them promptly. If necessary, we can restore a backup copy of the website. If you have an appropriate Service Level Agreement ("SLA") with us, we can also maintain a permanently identical copy of the website at an alternative location to minimize the downtime.

Does Say Hello offer 24/7 support?

Say Hello is a small agency and does not offer 24/7 support, but we are agile and respond quickly. Certain requests can be arranged; our usual response time is 4 hours during office hours.

Can Say Hello make my website faster?

Yes! Depending on the requirements and the reasons for the loss of speed, we would need to carry out a technical analysis and make appropriate suggestions. In the simplest case, we can use tools such as a caching plugin. We would be happy to provide a quote with the possible costs for expanding and improving the underlying technology.

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