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V-Zug Lifestyle

An online portal for cooking and enjoyment

initial situation

V-ZUG AG has been setting new standards in high-quality, innovative household appliances for over 100 years. The lifestyle portal should form an important link between the traditional company, the Ambassador network and the customers. This was achieved above all through a huge directory of recipes from top chefs.

goals & vision

When the existing site was redeveloped, performance was a priority right from the start. This was one of the biggest criticisms of the existing website. But there was also a lot to do in other respects. The design was to be refreshed and adapted to the 10th anniversary of the lifestyle platform, while the existing data was to be automatically brought into a new structure.

the project

Thanks to intelligent caching and loading mechanisms and a global content delivery network, we were able to guarantee excellent loading times for the Asian market too. We were also able to restructure content and create a more intuitive editing screen. This now also enables analysis using structured data, which is essential for recipes in particular. While the PDF versions of the recipes were previously entered manually, this is now done automatically, which saves the editorial team an enormous amount of time.

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