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Tax portal

Member access to specialist articles by tax professionals

initial situation

Two of the most popular publications from Cosmos Verlag in Muri provide detailed information on taxes and customs. Since 1946, Steuer Revue has become the largest independent specialist journal for taxation in Switzerland, while Zoll Revue has been aimed at practitioners from business, industry and administration since 2016.
Until now, the website has only been used to communicate new issues or provide general information.

goals & vision

With a new website, the focus was on two topics. The classic content management was to become a multichannel publishing platform, while a complex authorization system was to enable highly personalized access to individual areas.
Identity was also to be completely overhauled visually. Here we were able to bring Rino Wenger on board.

the project

At the heart of the new development was a system of specialist articles that can be assigned to subject areas and issues. Based on this, certain content can now be reserved or prioritized for specific member groups, which we have rounded off with a multi-stage onboarding process.
In a second phase, the search for information was simplified by a dedicated search function.

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