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Edorex AG

Dynamic, professional and always focused on people

initial situation

For over 30 years, everything at Edorex AG has revolved around digitization. The result is software that likes to break new ground and integrate optimally into the user's workflow. Unfortunately, the old branding did not express this progressive streak well enough. A new branding was needed. In a 5-day design sprint, we were able to work on a new concept together with the UX specialists at Edorex AG.

goals & vision

The new branding, as well as the design of the new website, was conceived in-house by Soleil Zumbrunn. As far as the development was concerned, the main hopes were for more intuitive operation, better performance and cross-linking between projects, offers and blog posts. In addition, a separate database page was to give this pillar of Edorex AG more weight.

the project

A website like a drumbeat! The classic Edorex turquoise has been broken down into its components (blue and yellow), fluid animations create a dynamic atmosphere and clear textures underpin professionalism and structure. edorex.ch, like database.edorex.ch, was embedded in a WordPress multisite, whereby we attached great importance to top performance and a clean structure.

Lines of code Lines of code

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