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Agricultural Research Switzerland

The digitization of a scientific journal

initial situation

Since 1994, the partner journal Agrarforschung Schweiz has published more than 2,600 scientific articles in the form of a monthly print magazine with a simple online archive. Agroscope would like to share the new articles and the archive with a wider audience and transform the print journal into a continuously expandable open-access online platform.

In close cooperation with Magma Branding, which is responsible for the conception and design of the new website, a new, modern and expandable website is to be created.

goals & vision

The conversion of the print magazine into an open access online platform should make the articles quick and easy to find. Following the automated integration of the large amount of data from the long-standing archive, visitors should be able to find suitable articles using a dedicated filter tool and keywords.

Each article should be provided to the visitor with a print version in PDF format and the website should follow the usability guidelines of the WCAG.

the project

Thanks to the diverse functions and logical data management in WordPress, we were also able to import almost 2,500 articles - some with versions in several languages - during the implementation with the Block Editor and form them into an online archive. The self-implemented import process converted the previous articles into a format compatible with the Block Editor, while PDF attachments and metadata related to the original articles were also integrated.

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