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Advanced order processing through integrations with WordPress interfaces

initial situation

Adro-Tech has been an expert in local and district heating supply for 10 years, specializing in the production of high-quality HDPE installation fittings and also offering precise laser measurement for accurate planning and implementation of your projects.
They strive to demonstrate their precision and reliability not only in their products and services, but also in their collaboration with customers and clients. 

goals & vision

The anniversary is to be celebrated with a new website and a new ordering system for the future. Adro-Tech is already well versed in WordPress, so the website will continue to be implemented with the same CMS so that the team can continue to work with this familiar solution. An ordering system is also to be integrated into WordPress to relieve existing customers of administrative work and make collaboration more efficient.

the project

After developing the basic website with editorial content, we were able to start developing the ordering system. This can be used to submit inquiries and order processes and be managed by Adro-Tech.
In both processes, we relied on dynamic views that communicate with WordPress via interfaces and thus offer an intuitive user experience that brings significant benefits for both customers and the internal team.

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