What we are currently working on

Last update: End of June 2024

Mark was in Turin in mid-June for the WordCamp Europe conference. He met many colleagues from the global community and has 77 tabs open in his smartphone's web browser, with new ideas that we will implement and make available to you. By the way, we are particularly pleased that WordCamp Europe will be coming to Basel in 2025, so we can proudly welcome the community to Switzerland.

Current work

We continue to develop our maintenance clients ' projects, and the focus is currently on expanding projects that have already been implemented. Having been involved in the concept and design phases of several projects over the course of the first six months, we have been able to help editors and partner agencies avoid common web design pitfalls.

Screenshot Hotel Aare Thun

WordPress Multisite

We support other agencies with our many years of expertise in technology and UX. The latest multilingual websites(Hotel Aare / Restaurant Freienhof), which we implemented on behalf of an agency in Bern, are part of a WordPress multisite installation. This will be supplemented by two further websites in the coming period, with the advantageous reuse of certain technical and design decisions.

PDF generator

We added automated PDF generation to a large existing client's website a few years ago. Due to an increasing number of advanced requirements, we subsequently set up an external service for our customer websites that allows us to generate PDFs via a custom API that we developed ourselves.

The solution enables our customers to offer important content on their websites as PDF downloads without having to create the PDFs themselves. To improve the performance and scope of the API, we are migrating the web application to an alternative NodeJS hosting provider based in Switzerland.

Screenshot of the Gantrisch age network

Improve readability

We have revised the typographic concept for the website of the Altersnetzwerk Region Gantrisch so that the content is easier to read. The original concept of a text-zoom function was part of our work when we first set up the website in 2022 and this been improved. In addition, we have replaced the original body text font with a slightly wider, more legible alternative.

Screenshot of the tax portal

Modernize layouts

We programmed the website of the tax portal in 2019 and expanded it a year later for the main website of Cosmos Verlag, including three individual presences and an e-commerce solution. Due to changes in the offer of the two websites, we were recently allowed to improve the layout of the website, including the use of new layout technologies such as CSS Subgrid.

Maintenance and support

We are fortunate to work with a wide range of clients and partners, which keeps our daily work varied and exciting. Our main focus is mostly on technical work, but we also spend a lot of time maintaining and securing our maintenance customers' websites.

Thanks to an optimal setup for backups, website monitoring and functional management, we can ensure that our customers' websites not only load quickly, but also function smoothly for the customer and their visitors.

On our own behalf

Agencies know only too well that their own presence sometimes comes up short because they have to focus on client projects. However, we have now started working behind the scenes on our own website so that it has new features and new content based on new technology. This includes a full translation into English and more details about our expertise and projects.

Coming soon... and we are looking forward to it!

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