The agency

Planning and design. Development. Training. Content management. Maintenance.

Based in the Bernese Alps in the heart of Switzerland, we are a small web agency with many years of experience in building websites, web apps and content management system solutions. Our individual professional experience with WordPress dates back to the first version in 2003. We are not only technical partners but also users of the most flexible website system in the world.

Where do customers and companies meet for the first time? Often on the company website. The homepage is the reception, so to speak, and the design is representative of a friendly face. People greet each other digitally. That's why we're called Say Hello.

As a small company, we deliberately avoid a large administrative overhead and instead work efficiently and flexibly on great projects. This means we can already draw on a broad range of expertise, from simple blogs to international campaigns for well-known clients.

Tailored web solutions

Every company is unique. We link your vision with the needs of your users right from line 1 of the code. This results in individual websites that are optimally adapted to your company in terms of functionality, design and usability.

Customized web applications

Could an app simplify your business processes, save time, deepen customer relationships or even open up new customer segments? Wherever it makes sense, we integrate your business processes seamlessly into your web presence, ensuring that your app takes the virtual dialog with your company to the next level.

Who we are

After three years as a freelance web developer, Nico Martin (pictured right) founded Say Hello GmbH in 2016. His focus is clearly on front-end development, whereby he likes to think outside the box and combine new web technologies with proven standards.

Mark Howells-Mead (pictured left) has been working on the web for more than 28 years. Co-developer of an editorial system for a cross-media newspaper, development manager and specialist for content management and responsive design at traditional, cross-media and international agencies - these are just some of the experiences Mark brings to Say Hello.

Presentations at WordPress meetups and conferences

More than just work

Websites are not just part of the daily grind. We are passionate about the work we do and enjoy sharing our knowledge and skills with clients and colleagues from the international community. Be it at national and international conferences or in workshops and local meetups, we help website owners to better manage their websites. Content management systems and the online world are our passions.

Why you should work with say hello

We set high standards
We make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our work. We pay attention to lean code, short loading times, smooth animations and barrier-free surfing.

We are efficient
As a small and well-organized team, our decision-making processes are short and our response times are fast. If required, we have a large network of specialists at our disposal to complement our expertise.

We love what we do
For us, our work is not a 9to5 routine. And as the boss, we are always interested in ensuring that our clients are satisfied. Very satisfied, in fact.

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